TV25 On Site Services

(We come to you!)

TV25 wants to make it EASY for you to get FREE TV over the air!


Choose the option that is best for you:

1) Phone support: Already have an antenna, and can't figure out why you're not getting TV25?
$25 gets you a phone consultation about your best options to get as much FREE over the air TV as possible.
Phone Support Time

2) Onsite Assistance: If you have an antenna, and need our help getting it to work, we will come out ONSITE and
esnure everything is connected & configured properly.
Onsite Support Time

3) New Setup: We'll provide the antenna, and work with you to place it for maximum range, while
working within the parameters of your home.

Distance to Tower
*May not be able to receive TV25...We'll tell you BEFORE we start!

Questions? We're here for you!

or call us at 1-855-TV25-252